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How you tell whether or not you have an Adult account or Non Adult account

Accounts are classified as adult or non-adult in the following manner:

Adult accounts are accounts which host pornographic, sexually explicit or other material not suitable for minors.
This includes but is not limited to sites which display adult banners and/or links to adult sites.
Web-hosters will be classified as adult accounts if they allow adult material or they do not specifically state to clients that adult (pornographic, sexually explicit or other material not suitable for minors) content is not allowed.

Non-adult accounts are accounts that do not contain adult material as described above or web-hosters that specifically state to their clients that adult content is not allowed.

Please note, If you have no content on your site yet OR you have borderline content OR if you are a webhoster and we could not find a statement to the effect that adult content is not allowed we have defaulted you to the adult transfer rate (100GB).

Important information for new 4WebSpace clients and current 4WebSpace clients:

New 4WebSpace clients will be asked to state whether adult content will be present or not on the order form. For current 4WebSpace clients: we have manually checked each site and categorized according to the content found. If we have classed you as being adult and you believe you should be non-adult, please email us at support@4webspace.com; please remember to include your domain name or account number and the reason you believe you should have a non-adult categorization and we will look into it for you.
You will be able to see if you were classed as adult or not on June 2002's invoicing:
If you have a base hosting fee of $89 US or $189 US, you are classed as non-adult.
If you have a base hosting fee of $99 US or $199 US, you are classed as "adult".

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