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How to add a domain record using the Tera-byte DNS control panel

The Tera-byte DNS control panel is a very powerful tool allowing you to use many features of DNS through a simple web interface. This document describes a standard DNS setup which is suitable for hosting web sites on the RaQ server. For the example, we'll discuss someone with the username "testuser" who wants to host "testdomain.com" on her RaQ server which has the IP address

Step 1: log in

Go to http://www.tera-byte.com/config and enter your username and password.


You will then see the main DNS control panel screen.

Step 2: add the domain name

Click on the "DNS administrator", enter the domain name you would like to add and click "add".

Note: a domain name has the form "testdomain.com" not "www.testdomain.com".

Enter the IP address of the domain.

You will then see the domain overview.

Step 3: add the MX record

The MX record specifies where to deliver mail for the domain. Under normal circumstances, it should be delivered to the RaQ server. Click on "Add MX" and use 5 for the preference.

Step 4: add the wildcard

Under the standard configuration, all subdomains are set to the same IP address as the main domain. Click on "add" next to the "non-matching DNS requests are not forwarded" text. This is more efficient than adding A records for each subdomain.

Step 5: add A and MX records for www

Because of the way the RaQ servers work, we must specify A and MX records for the www subdomain. Click on "add A record" and set www to the same IP as the main domain.

Now add the MX record like we did before.

The DNS configuration for testdomain.com is now complete. Allow one day for the changes to take effect and the site should start resolving (assuming that you have added it on the RaQ itself).

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